fifteen and change

Fifteen and Change:

Readers will easily sympathize with the all-too-true-to-life situations with which the characters are coping. . . this story develops the characters’ personalities, sketches in the history of the labor movement, and includes a subdued romantic subplot, effectively balancing these various elements….this novel has many appealing aspects that will draw readers in. –Kirkus Reviews

15 year-old Zeke’s mom is struggling to make ends meet and stuck with a no-good boyfriend. Zeke knows he and his mom will be stuck forever if he doesn’t find some money fast. When Zeke starts working at a local pizza place, he meets labor activists who want to give him a voice–and the living wage he deserves for his work. In Fifteen and Change, Zeke has to decide between living the quiet life he’s carved for himself and raising his voice for justice. Young adults and lovers of pizza and fairness will enjoy Fifteen and Change.


The Book Formerly Known as Barf: A Picture Book

Puke! Hurl! Rainbow Yawn! Backwards fondue!

There are lots of ways to say “barf,” and lots of reasons to barf, too, ranging from Aidan’s booger collection to the nauseating injustices of the patriarchy. This is a gutsy, yucky book for feminists of all ages!