Does everyone else know something you don’t?

Do you ever feel like everyone else knows something you don’t? Or that there’s something wrong with the world, but you’re the only one who notices? Do you ever wonder why you’re here?

If so, you may be a kid. Or a weirdo. Or both. Either way, you’re in luck. I write books for kids and weirdos. I also speak to audiences at schools, libraries and book clubs about :

  • staying true to yourself in a world that wants you to be like everyone else
  • trying to make the world a better place (even when other people seem to think things are just fine the way they are)
  • writing: how to do it, and how to love it
  • how reading, writing, creativity can change the world
  • my books (they’re weird, and sometimes gross)

My alter ego is the writer Emily Anderson,  a city council member in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Being an elected official feels weird.

But I try to remember–the origin of the word “weird” is the old English word, “wyrd.”

It means: DESTINY